Hey there...I'm the Tayken (Taylor Kendal) behind the Design; a HigherEd Leader, UX designer, system-shaker, culture-crafter, and improviser currently living in Denver, Colorado. My (current) interests range from instructional design and writing about education, to life-hacking and future-facing techno-philosophy. 

I have 20+ years of experience in project management, digital/social media marketing, instructional design, networking, cultural bridge-building, and systemic hacking of higher-ed. I’m always looking to better understand the current shifts, nationally and globally, with respect to how we as humans learn, process information, interface with technology, and generate knowledge. 

I'm currently focused on bridging the cultures of entrepreneurship and higher education, infusing agility into bureaucracies, providing bullshit-free solutions and leadership, designing awesome LX/UX, systems-level tinkering, conversational reframing, and improvisational theater. 

I like all the things!