TAYKEN on the Town is an informal conversational experience for the serious, the curious, and the otherwise intellectually restless. These infrequent and unpublicized meetups will be held at, and co-sponsored by, various Denver businesses known for delightful bites, irresistible libations, and/or a setting which stimulates the senses. Conversations will be unconstrained and free flowing, but initiated and loosely focused by the topic below.

*Please note: A unique sampling of Tayken tots (i.e. hors d'oeuvres) will be provided at each event, but plan to cover additional costs for beverages an/or other personal pleasantries. You do you!

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TAYKEN on the Town is by invitation only and requires RSVP. While guests are more than welcome, please be sure to indicate their attendance prior to submitting your RSVP.

I look forward to new friends and shared discoveries!

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