Strategic Consulting

Are you leading or part of an organization riddled with frustrating inefficiencies and/or bureaucratic bullshit? I can offer a wide range of consulting options that will allow you and/or your team(s) to function at full potential. Contact me for a FREE consultation (or just to chat over coffee).

  • Leadership Training
  • Communication Dynamics
  • TAYKEN CEO (Comprehensive Efficiency Overhaul)

Process Design

Every organization and/or team has processes and workflows meant to maximize productivity. How were yours created? Did they slowly evolve over time, or are they strategically crafted in time? I can offer a free review of your design processes and offer modern, meaningful, technology-based solutions that scale. Contact me for a FREE consultation (or just to chat over coffee).

  • Agile Iteration
  • Networked Scalability
  • TAYKEN MID (Molecular Iterative Design) Service

Social Strategy

Every individual, team, and organization should be leveraging a minimum of 3 modern media platforms (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.). Confused where to even begin? I can offer strategic solutions for implementing the most powerful platforms of our time. Contact me for a FREE consultation (or just to chat over coffee).

  • Social Consulting
  • Application Training
  • TAYKEN AID (Atomic Iterative Design) Service


I get super excited to speak about education, improvisation, branding, design, and/or technology-aided efficiency. I'm available to lead, facilitate, or informally jam with you and/or your team(s) to build efficient organizations, creative leaders, and inspired humans. Contact me for a FREE consultation (or just to chat over coffee).

  • Conference Keynotes
  • Instructional Coaching
  • Workshop Facilitation


Looking for a killer logo, responsive website, or complete identity makeover? I love to help others turn vision into reality. Contact me for a FREE consultation so we can discuss your uniquely awesome ideas. I pride myself on designing things that stick and don't suck.

  • Digital Identity
  • Logos & Branding
  • Responsive Website Design