The Story of TAYKEN

The evolution of this site and service has a long history, but in the interest of efficiency (something I'm really into), I'll try to provide the abridged version. I'm a consultant, designer, and educator who has witnessed the inefficiency of institutional bureaucracy for more than a decade. I found TAYKENDESIGN in 2016 in an effort to provide a resource and service to those that work, live, and attempt to play within the confines of inefficiency.

The trouble with any longstanding institution is the inherent and unavoidable blindness that develops over years, decades, or even centuries (as is the case for education). A debilitating plaque slowly builds within the arteries of complex systems, and in most cases, it's impossible to remedy the situation from within. As a constituent part within a system, we're subjectively blind to the often simple solutions that sit on our doorsteps. Enter TAYKEN! This service was developed to provide objective perspectives, creative solutions, and to bridge the gaps that exist between disparate epistemological domains and the great ideas therein. 

At TAYKEN, we unapologetically hijack and customize existing processes and ideas and retrofit them to your unique situation. Remember, good ideas are copied, great ideas are TAYKEN.

If you're interested in what we can offer to you and/or your organization, please view our Services or feel free to Contact Us.